"Family of FIVE (Westfield, In).... My wife and I started this journey of looking to pursue to purchase another home back in February. After working with a mortgage company, we were referred to work on our credit with Kenny at Promise Credit Solutions Inc. Honestly, I was second-guessing myself because I felt like this was going to be another company just trying to take advantage of just collecting money from my wife and I! A week prior to starting working with Kenny, my credit had dropped 80 plus points, and I was confused on why, especially when I felt like I had worked so hard to maintain a score in the high 600s. After that first week working with Promise Credit Solutions Inc., I was honestly shocked that my credit had jumped back to the high 600s! I also noticed that within that first week, Kenny had removed quite a bit of medical bills off my credit along with some other items. Toward the end of the first round, I was stressing about not being able to get a good mortgage rate due to me losing faith in what God can do. One night, God came to me in said you will be able to get what you want, just trust the process. During my dream, he assured me that my credit would be in the 700s. When my wife forwarded me my scores from my first round with Kenny, it was exactly with God had told me I would have! Kenny expressed to me in that message that he forwarded us with our 3 scores that in his 9 years, he had never seen anyone score jump almost 100 points just within 35-40 days. Kenny also told me that I hold the record for the most points increase. Now, I am looking forward to round 2 of allowing Kenny to clean up some more things on my credit! Our Family of Five is looking forward to getting that Pre-approval letter to get us closer to becoming a homeowner again thanks to Kenny/Promise Credit Solutions, Inc. If your credit needs repaired, Kenny is your man! My wife and I have worked with other credit repair agents in the past, but none of them have the knowledge and work ethic like Kenny! I am thankful that God has placed him on our path! I feel like within that first week/first round, he showed my wife and I how passionate he was about his work! From my family to yours, we appreciate you, and may God continue to prosper you! Thank you for giving us Hope of becoming homeowners again! You are amazing!"

Best Regards! Family of Five....

"So I decided to write this review because I truly feel I needed to.  I typically don't write or submit good or bad reviews however Kenneth and Promise Credit Solutions basically changed my life for me and my kids.  So I researched credit repair companies and I found this company called Lexington Law, I signed up and long story short I couldn't have made a worst decision, literally zero results.  Meanwhile, I go to a dealership an attempt to purchase a vehicle and they turned me down because of bad credit, but they said call this guy and come back in 2-3 months and we'll get you taken care of....  They were so confident that it confused me.  So I call this guy and he was all in, he explained things to me about credit that I never knew and wouldn't know now if it weren't for him.  Whew!!  He is intense and he knows what he's talking about but most of  all he's good.  He taught me sooooo much.  After Lexington Law he took my score from a 543 to a 647 in 2 months and then he told me what credit cards to apply for and gave me instructions on how to use them.   I had never had a credit card before, but once I got it, he had me get another one...omg!!  Anyway I used 10% of my utilization ratio and paid it off and my scores kept going up!  Unbelievable, he made me feel as if I was his only client..... I've been in my house 19 months and I love it....Thank you Kenney & PCS."
Sherry C.

"Thank you Kenneth & Judith for Promise Credit Solutions.  Thank you for the Spanish translator Judith.  We really thank you for your work."
Rafael D.

"Dear Promise Credit,

I would like to thank you for everything that you have done to help change my credit situation. I once had a company helping me but after almost 7 months and not seeing any progress, I got a referral from my mortgage company about Promise Credit. After speaking with Mr. McKinney during the consultation, I had a great feeling with switching companies with my credit needs. During the consultation, I felt like I was speaking with a family member that wanted to help, opposed to a person who just wanted money and nothing else. We'll, Just in 31 days I seen a significant difference in my credit report.  He helped me create a mini budget as well which which helped tremendously along with removing a $9000 bill that was reporting to my credit that was wrong.  It is truly a blessing to know you can trust someone abilities to stand true.

Thank you very much."

Anthony A.